headshot-d-walkerDavid Walker is a high school teacher at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA) in Austin, Texas.  LASA is a public magnet school which draws students from the entirety of Austin Independent School District.  Currently, he teaches three courses — Planet Earth, Organic Chemistry, and Advanced Organic Chemistry.  Planet Earth is a project-based geobiology course with a major field work component, which consists of the students completing field surveys of organisms in local Austin-area parks and preserves.  Organic Chemistry is an elective course which covers the lecture and laboratory content of the first undergraduate course in organic chemistry.  Advanced Organic Chemistry is an elective course framed as an independent study, in which students address the content of the second undergraduate course in organic chemistry.  He also sponsors his school’s Science Olympiad team, which competes around the nation in this science and engineering competition.  Outside of teaching, his outdoor interests include backpacking (currently attempting to piece together the Pacific Crest Trail through section hikes), birding, fly fishing, and photography.

The Grosvenor Teacher Fellow Program is a professional development program for K-12 classroom teachers in the U.S. and Canada, made possible by Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic. Through the program, educators are allowed to participate in expeditions to unique areas around the world aboard National Geographic / Lindblad ships and bring these experiences back to their schools and communities through unique place-based activities.  The end goal of both the program and its teachers is to increase the geographic knowledge and global awareness of the next generation. The program was established to honor former National Geographic Society Chairman Gilbert M. Grosvenor’s lifetime commitment to geographic education. The expeditions were donated in perpetuity to the National Geographic Society by Sven-Olof Lindblad and Lindblad Expeditions to mark Grosvenor’s 7th birthday in 2006 and to honor his service in enhancing and improving geographic education across the United States (Source: National Geographic Society).